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Unhealthy health food

Are Health Foods Really Healthy?

If you read my previous post Stop Eating Fake Food! you would already know that a lot of the food we eat today is an imitation product of what food should be consuming. Today I’m going to dig a little deeper and really see whether “health” food really is healthy. Everywhere you go these day, all you hear about […]

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depression and Constipation

Can The Weather Cause Constipation?

When are we happiest? On a sunny tropical Island or in a cold dark city? I know, stupid question, you’d opt for the hot and sunny island. During the winter months I get many people complain to me about constipation. This could be coincidence or down to many other factors such as you exercise less because […]

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A Balancing Act :: The day in the life of an IBS sufferer

Happiness, love and health are the 3 main ingredients to a fulfilling life. When one is out of balance the other 2 will soon follow. As with any chronic illness trying to manage these 3 aspects of life can be challenging. When things aren’t going right or you put so much effort into keeping the […]

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gut culture shock

My Gut’s ‘Reverse’ Culture Shock

Howdy everyone! I know it’s been a while since I posted anything here, but you’ll be glad to know I have lots of new and interesting tips, delicious recipes and Balanced Grub projects in the pipeline.

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The gut brain connection

The Gut-Brain Connection | Part 1 : Serotonin

Many of us, just put up with constipation. We don’t talk about it and even when we’ve been to the doctor a hundred and ten times and it’s the same answer of “There’s nothing wrong with you, you just need more water and more fiber!” or “Here have some laxatives.” you either want to pull […]

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5 positives of living with an invisible illness

5 Positives Aspects of Living with a Chronic Illness

You may be thinking “Has she gone mad?” or “She clearly has never been doubled in pain for hours on end!”, well, the answer is no I’m not mad and yes I’ve had my fair share of painfully traumatic experiences. The truth is this, living with a  chronic illness that prevents you from doing everyday […]

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