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Taking a break from serotonin

Taking A Break From Serotonin

By looking at the title you may be thinking, ‘Um, how is that even possible and why would you choose to do that anyway?’, well the quick answer is over the past 2 weeks I’ve been unable to get a hold of my Resolor (Prucalopride); If you don’t know what it is take a look […]

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Me, My Date & My Gut!

Living with irritable bowel syndrome is hard enough when single, but it becomes even more of a challenge when there is someone else in the equation. In this post I’m going to shed some light on the horrors of having a relationship while suffering with, what can be, quite an embarrassing problem.

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Chronic Constipation

Stop Treating the Symptom of Constipation & Start Treating The Cause

Going through life with a chronic illness is lonely, painful and at times soul destroying, but the hardest aspect to try and overcome is the depression that lingers. For many years growing up there were times when I wanted to give up on everything, to me, this ‘thing’ that I had with my digestion was holding me back; […]

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Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

If any of you out there have ever doubted the benefits to eating healthy or whether food can cure you of long term illness, you may want to watch ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’. The first reason I started this website was to prove to people that what we put in your bodies, determines how it […]

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Resolor prucalopride Review

Resolor Prucalopride Review | 4 Months on

So, I thought that now is a good time for me to do another update on my experience taking Resolor (Prucalopride). If you haven’t read my previous posts regarding Resolor, please do. It will help you to understand the ups and downs I had when I first started to take it. It’s been 4 months […]

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Chronic Constipation & Depression

Living with chronic constipation is hard, both physically and mentally. It is embarrassing to talk about as it is often a source for crude jokes, whereas its counterpart, diarrhoea is more commonly sympathised, due to its link with food poisoning. Constipation is a result (or symptom) of an underlying problem. Such as, colonic inertia, IBS, crohns disease, celiac […]

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