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fodmapped for you UK

FODMAPPED for you! Review | Now Available in The UK

I began my Low FODMAP lifestyle 4 years ago. I say ‘lifestyle’ as I still use the Low FODMAP diet as a base for my meal times and I’m quite happy with recipes that don’t incorporate high FODMAP ingredients. When I first started the diet there were virtually no recipes or information on low FODMAP. […]

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Welcoming 2016

Hey everyone, this is post to apologise for my lack of posting the last couple of months. I created Balanced Grub as an avenue where I can share my journey, experience and knowlage related to health and more specifically digestion. It’s a place where whatever I have gone, go through and endeavour to go through […]

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over the counter medicine

Over The Counter Cold Medicine To Avoid, When Living With IBS

So this week I have been suffering with a sore throat, which is unusual for me as I rarely get cold or flu like symptoms, but hey, I’m a grown up, I can deal with it! (while writing this I’m slumped in bed with a hot towel around my head, while hubby looks on disapprovingly…) What! […]

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Digestive health

Treating Cold & Flu Symptoms With A Digestive Illness

If you haven’t read my post on Over The Counter Cold Medicine To Avoid, When Living With IBS, you may want to read why some conventional medication is a no go area for those suffering with IBS or sensitive guts. Here are my tips and tricks for treat those seasonal coughs and colds without medicine and […]

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What’s In My Pantry: Top 10 Foods to Always Have Stocked

Living on a low FODMAP diet can be challenging and when it comes to looking for a quick lunch or dinner, it usually goes a little some think like this:

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Great App for Low FODMAP Dieters

So I’ve just started the Low FODMAP Diet advised by my Doc. The Low FODMAP diet is to eliminate foods that are Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols, hence the acronym (FODMAP). These molecules can be poorly absorbed by some people…like me. Also people have different levels of tolerance, mine on the other hand is so sensitive […]

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