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Low FODMAP Chocolate

Chocolate & Irritable Bowel Syndrome

As I write this I’m staring across from a room of boxed chocolate Easter eggs; milk ones, dark chocolate ones and even spiced chill chocolate ones, and as I pan over to the other side of the room, there sits my fiance, contently grinning, plotting which movie to watch with which egg. I’m not jealeous […]

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Involve Kids in the kitchen

Getting Kids In The Kitchen

Getting kids in the kitchen is an important part of their development. It is great for their sensory development and will build an awareness of their surroundings, it also promotes dexterity and tactile abilities. Most importantly, if it’s done right, they will be able to learn how foods can come together and develop new skills. […]

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Sugar Vs Fat

Sugar Vs Fat | What Contributes to Weight Gain More?

So the question today is “What contributes to weight gain more? Sugar or Fat?”. Recently I’ve wrote a lot on fats and the effect it has on the digestive system and why it plays a major role in gut function but today I want to look at the effects it has on weight gain and […]

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Books for IBS

5 Books To Read If You Suffer With a Digestive Illness

I thought it would be a good idea to make a post about some of the best books I’ve read to help with IBS. I have a mixture of cookbooks and ideas related to gut health.

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A Quick Guide to Fats

Trans/Hydrogenated Fat Granted there are fats that you should AVOID at all costs such as Trans/hydrogenated fats, found in fried, pre packaged food. The reason being, is that these fats are man-made or have been genetically altered for longer shelf life. The body is unable to brake these fats down and in turn can lead to heat […]

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What’s In My Pantry: Top 10 Foods to Always Have Stocked

Living on a low FODMAP diet can be challenging and when it comes to looking for a quick lunch or dinner, it usually goes a little some think like this:

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