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Food Sensitivities

Food Sensitivities … What Would Darwin Say? Evolution or Devolution?

We’re all different, thats an obvious fact I know, but how many people do you know with intolerances/allergies to particular foods? I can count at least 5 out of 12 of my closest friends that have some form of food sensitivity to a lesser degree and I would consider that a fair amount considering food to […]

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Are Probiotics worth it

Probiotics, Are They Really Worth it?

Probiotics are live organisms (good bacteria) found naturally in yogurt, and other fermented foods like kimchi or sauerkraut. These little organisms control our immune system, which means the quality of our health is somewhat controlled by our gut. Without them we will become pretty sick and under nourished! So, are probiotics really worth it? This has been […]

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Involve Kids in the kitchen

Getting Kids In The Kitchen

Getting kids in the kitchen is an important part of their development. It is great for their sensory development and will build an awareness of their surroundings, it also promotes dexterity and tactile abilities. Most importantly, if it’s done right, they will be able to learn how foods can come together and develop new skills. […]

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over the counter medicine

Over The Counter Cold Medicine To Avoid, When Living With IBS

So this week I have been suffering with a sore throat, which is unusual for me as I rarely get cold or flu like symptoms, but hey, I’m a grown up, I can deal with it! (while writing this I’m slumped in bed with a hot towel around my head, while hubby looks on disapprovingly…) What! […]

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Digestive health

Treating Cold & Flu Symptoms With A Digestive Illness

If you haven’t read my post on Over The Counter Cold Medicine To Avoid, When Living With IBS, you may want to read why some conventional medication is a no go area for those suffering with IBS or sensitive guts. Here are my tips and tricks for treat those seasonal coughs and colds without medicine and […]

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Healthiest cooking oils

Top 3 Healthiest Oils For Cooking

When it comes to either stir frying your veggies or dressing your salad it can be a tough decision choosing which oil to opt for, not only for flavour but also for it health benefits. Here I’ll take you through my top 5 healthiest oils for cooking.

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