Gluten & FODMAP Free Pancakes

Gluten & FODMAP Free Pancakes

Breakfast, for me it’s the main meal of the day. I try to get as much energy as I can in the morning as I usually have pretty hectic days during the week. While being on a low FODMAP diet, I’m finally beginning to know what I can and can’t eat, which is a huge different from the minefield of when I first started, especially living in Bangkok, a land which doesn’t really cater for the likes of us. 

Last night I went to the local ‘imported products’ supermarket. I picked up some rice flour and decided to make some pancakes for breakfast next morning. Unlike my American friends, I’m british and we don’t usually associate pancakes with breakfast, we mostly only eat them on…you guessed it ‘Pancake Day’ and they are nothing like the American pancakes, ours are more like crepes.

I have to say I enjoyed my pancakes although they turned out half way between British and American pancakes, but nevertheless they were yummy and good for my tummy. So heres my recipe.

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