Crustless quiche

Low FODPMAP Basil & Red Pepper Quiche

This weekend was my awesome Grandad’s 80th Birthday and we decided to throw him a jam packed surprise family party at home to celebrate (he loves the attention secretly). So, with all self catered parties, me an my mum go completely overboard with he spread and have such a mish-mash of dishes. On one side of the table we have Japanese tempura prawns, and Chinese dumpling, in the middle cheese and crackers and next to that we have a bowl of roasted potatoes, chicken drumsticks and salmon cucumber sandwiches…oh wait, I’m also forgetting the pièce de résistance, mum famous homemade Victoria sponge cake toppled with Double whipped cream and winter berries. Phew! Cooking all that in a day was blooming stressful, but hey, at least no-one can say they went hungry.

So 20 minuets before everyone turns up and I still haven’t even showered, I then remember ‘Oh sugar! What is me and dad ‘the ovo-veggies’ gonna eat!’. I completely forgot to make anything not high in FODMAPs. Calmly suppressing my stress and ignoring the fact I’ve got 20 min to cooked yet another dish and do my hair and make up I figured what the heck! Let’s go with good ole naked quiche! I cook it when either a) I don’t have time to cook or B) When I don’t have time to cook!

I throw it together put it in the oven and while baking ran to get ready.

Once it was on the table I thought no one will want boring old quiche, but my boring yet ‘safe’ quiche was tried and tested and the word spread around the room and it was gone. I have to say I did get a slice but poor old dad didn’t get a look in; it’s OK though he had a tub of caramel popcorn which he was more than chuffed with. I was delighted people thought my throw together quiche was the party show stopper and this is why I’m here now sharing the recipe with you guys! Oh yeah and my Auntie who specifically requested this recipe. So this is for you Janet! xX

Great For

  • High Protein
  • Low FODMAP
  • Gluten intolerance
  • When you’re short on time


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