My Low FODMAP Sunday Afternoon Banana Coffee Cake

My Low FODMAP Sunday Afternoon Banana Coffee Cake

Cake anyone? Urmm…yes please!

Ahhh…it’s been absolutely ages since I posted a recipe. Why? you may ask. Well I have officially relocated back the-the UK and what with starting a new job and finding a house, it has left me very little time to experiment in the kitchen but this month I bring to you a deliciously succulent Sunday afternoon treat.

I love my peaceful Sunday rituals, and among many what I enjoy the most is putting on a good ole’ 80’s movie The breakfast club, Working Girl or some other girly power flick and sitting down  with a cup of coffee and a slice of my freshly baked banana coffee cake…ah bliss. I’d say this cake is a cross between banana bread and coffee cake, it’s not over poweringly sweet nor savoury, instead just a yummy balance in between. You could serve it with a little dairy free vanilla ice cream or a drizzle of maple syrup. So I hope you enjoy this scrummy cake as much as I do and always remember to relax it does wonders for a ‘iffy tummy.

Great for

  • Weight Loss
  • An afternoon treat
  • Paleo diets
  • IBS
  • Gluten Free


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