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Go Further With Further Food | A Review

Further FoodLiving with an invisible illness can be tough going, especially when you feel like your the only one trudging through life. If your thinking of embarking on a food journey be sure to check out Further Food. They have lots of people who either have an invisible illness and can relate to what it feels like living with food intolerances.

I super happy to be a community member of Further Food and I’m looking forward to collaborating with them more in the future. You will find my profile page, with some of my low FODMAP recipes and find countless articles regarding health issues, to help you with your journey to leading a pain free life. All recipes are healthy and are vetted by a registered nutritionist.

So, go check them out and if anything, the site will defiantly make your mouth water!

Please note:

Please remember I'm not a doctor of any kind and the information on this site is advisory only, you must always consult a qualified physician prior to dramatic lifestyle changes or if you have any cause for concern about your own well-being.

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