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over the counter medicine

Over The Counter Cold Medicine To Avoid, When Living With IBS

So this week I have been suffering with a sore throat, which is unusual for me as I rarely get cold or flu like symptoms, but hey, I’m a grown up, I can deal with it! (while writing this I’m slumped in bed with a hot towel around my head, while hubby looks on disapprovingly…) What! […]

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Fats and constipation

How Fats Can Help Prevent Constipation

The Stigma That Is Fat… Straight off the bat, I want to make it clear that a high fat diet does not mean A: weight gain B: Unhealthy. There is so much stigma to ‘fat’ in the food we eat (we can give thanks to the early 90’s for the low fat diet that emerged…thanks […]

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The Gut Brain connection - gastrocolic reflex

The Gut-Brain Connection | Part 2 : Gastrocolic Reflex

Welcome to the next part of ‘The Gut Brain Connection Series’ here I want to go into details about what triggers bowel movements and why some people have IBS-D and why some have IBS-C. I have mentioned before serotonin plays a major role in gut motility, but what does serotonin do exactly, to make our bowels work they […]

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Supplements for IBS

Supplements To Improve IBS Symptoms

A healthy diet and active lifestyle are the key principles to maintaing  a healthy gut, but some times you need a little extra help. According to bulletproofexec.com, we may not be getting all the nutrients we need from the food we eat, due to the modern day farming and use of soil or water depletion. This is […]

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Vitamin C and Constipation

Vitamin C | Prevention and Treatment of Constipation

As some of you may know from my page about laxatives, I’m big believer that any kind of marketed laxative promotes a vicious cycle of reoccurring constipation. However I also understand that people need a little extra help sometimes, but there is a more gentle approach to speeding up your digestive tract and one way […]

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Serotonin and Constipation

High Tryptophan Foods For Serotonin Related Constipation

For those of you who suffer with chronic constipation, related to serotonin this food list is for you. I know the FDA has not approved Resolor Prucalopride or Zelnorm, which I know is frustrating. Instead you could try a high tryptophan diet. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid which can not be produced by the body […]

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