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Food Sensitivities

Food Sensitivities … What Would Darwin Say? Evolution or Devolution?

We’re all different, thats an obvious fact I know, but how many people do you know with intolerances/allergies to particular foods? I can count at least 5 out of 12 of my closest friends that have some form of food sensitivity to a lesser degree and I would consider that a fair amount considering food to […]

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Bethany Townsend - An Inspiration

Bethany Townsend – An Inspiration

  Back in the UK there is a lot of heat around model and make-up artist Bethany Townsend. She recently posted pictures of herself on holiday wearing a colostomy bag. Personally I think this is a huge step forward for those who firstly have a colostomy bag and secondly those of us who have digestive diseases.

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