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Resolor prucalopride Review

Resolor Prucalopride Review | 4 Months on

So, I thought that now is a good time for me to do another update on my experience taking Resolor (Prucalopride). If you haven’t read my previous posts regarding Resolor, please do. It will help you to understand the ups and downs I had when I first started to take it. It’s been 4 months […]

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Bethany Townsend - An Inspiration

Bethany Townsend – An Inspiration

  Back in the UK there is a lot of heat around model and make-up artist Bethany Townsend. She recently posted pictures of herself on holiday wearing a colostomy bag. Personally I think this is a huge step forward for those who firstly have a colostomy bag and secondly thoseĀ of us who have digestive diseases.

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