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5 positives of living with an invisible illness

5 Positives Aspects of Living with a Chronic Illness

You may be thinking “Has she gone mad?” or “She clearly has never been doubled in pain for hours on end!”, well, the answer is no I’m not mad and yes I’ve had my fair share of painfully traumatic experiences. The truth is this, living with a  chronic illness that prevents you from doing everyday […]

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Chronic Constipation

Stop Treating the Symptom of Constipation & Start Treating The Cause

Going through life with a chronic illness is lonely, painful and at times soul destroying, but the hardest aspect to try and overcome is the depression that lingers. For many years growing up there were times when I wanted to give up on everything, to me, this ‘thing’ that I had with my digestion was holding me back; […]

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