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Food Sensitivities

Food Sensitivities … What Would Darwin Say? Evolution or Devolution?

We’re all different, thats an obvious fact I know, but how many people do you know with intolerances/allergies to particular foods? I can count at least 5 out of 12 of my closest friends that have some form of food sensitivity to a lesser degree and I would consider that a fair amount considering food to […]

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Digestive health

Treating Cold & Flu Symptoms With A Digestive Illness

If you haven’t read my post on Over The Counter Cold Medicine To Avoid, When Living With IBS, you may want to read why some conventional medication is a no go area for those suffering with IBS or sensitive guts. Here are my tips and tricks for treat those seasonal coughs and colds without medicine and […]

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Fake Food

Stop Eating Fake Food

I remember as a kid playing mums and dads with my friends, we would pretend to sit down at an imaginary dinner table with our pretty pink tea cups and picnic knives, forks and plates. We would mimic our parents own words of “what’s for dinner tonight love?”, “Oh, tonight is pizza, here you go!” […]

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Sugar Vs Fat

Sugar Vs Fat | What Contributes to Weight Gain More?

So the question today is “What contributes to weight gain more? Sugar or Fat?”. Recently I’ve wrote a lot on fats and the effect it has on the digestive system and why it plays a major role in gut function but today I want to look at the effects it has on weight gain and […]

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Valentines Day Free card

Freebie! 9 Valentines Day Lunchbox Love Cards

Do you have a special someone? Or maybe you want to tell that person you’ve been admiring all last year how you really feel? Alternatively you may just want to tell yourself how much you love you! (awkward cough) I have designed some foodie valentines day cards to show your love they always say the […]

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Further Food

Go Further With Further Food | A Review

Living with an invisible illness can be tough going, especially when you feel like your the only one trudging through life. If your thinking of embarking on a food journey be sure to check out Further Food. They have lots of people who either have an invisible illness and can relate to what it feels like living […]

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