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what is balanced grub

Balanced Grub is a one-stop place where you can learn how to eat healthy and wholesome with your gut in mind. Balanced Grub recipes don’t encourage eliminating major food groups, yet instead gives you the knowledge to listen to your own body and eat to its needs, offering quick, healthy and delicious recipes the whole family can enjoy. My aim is to help you on your journey to achieving optimum digestive health through food.


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Healthy gut
A Happy Gut

Maintaining a healthy gut is vital to your general health. Keeping it happy so it can keep you feeling tip top is very important. I provide nutritional information to managing digestive health issues related to IBS & Motility problems.
Low FODMAP recipes

Living with IBS doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. For me life’s pretty hectic and I don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen, but I do love to cook , so I design meals that the whole family will love and are easy to make, not to mention, gluten and lactose free.
Eat Responsibly

I create recipes that are low in calorie and are either low sugar or completely sugar free, which is great if you suffer from SIBO and want to watch your waist line. However no sugar doesn’t mean no flavour, most of my recipes pack flavour and support digestive health.
Coping with a chronic illness
A Happy Mind is a Happy Gut

Living with an invisible illness can be tough on relationships, work or daily activities. I aim to shed some light on these issues and help keep the stress of living with a chronic illness at bay.