KMS2My name’s Kate and I’m a health coach specialising in digestive illnesses and overall general well-being.

My family and I have been part of the the health & fitness industry for as long as I can remember. I was brought up to believe that what you put in your body depends on how it functions and I have stood by this notion for 25 years.

I have suffered with colonic inertia from birth and unfortunately was prescribed strong, high doses of Laxatives which only treated the symptoms not the cause, which escalated the problem. As life went on I developed IBS-C, laxative abuse and reoccurring SIBO. however since 2013 have been in control of my chronic illnesses for 3 years, by eating to my bodies needs and exercising regularly.

My Mission

My aim is to help people with digestive health issues the best I can with my knowledge and experience. I want to spread awareness of living with digestive health problems and the impact it has on your life and relationships. I want to help families health and lifestyle needs by educating them how to choose the right food when shopping and incorporating them into quick and easy meals. I understand the modern day life can be hectic and keeping on top of your health can be a challenge or left to the side lines, but it should be the other way round. Taking care of you and your families health is key to staying on top, whether that be your career, education or daily life.


I know how uncomfortable life can be, but by gradually eliminating and introducing the right foods along with some other healthy habits, life can be long and fulfilled. I wanted to create this site to share what I know and what has helped me and others with specific ailments or illnesses. Food has amazing effects when it comes to health. I will document what I find, on this site so I hope you find what your looking for or you can contact me.


I believe that no one person is the same, what works for someone else may not work for you. We all require different nutrients and minerals and at different levels. Many people combat the symptoms rather that treating the cause and this is what leads to an unfortunate downward health cycle.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding you or your families health.

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*The information in this article and elsewhere on this site is for educational purposes only and must not be substituted for diagnosis or treatment of any kind. I’m NOT a medical physician and would always recommend you visit your doctor if you have any serious cause for concern.