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fodmapped for you UK

FODMAPPED for you! Review | Now Available in The UK

  I began my Low FODMAP lifestyle 4 years ago. I say ‘lifestyle’ as I still use the Low FODMAP diet as a base for my meal times. When I first started the diet there were virtually no recipes or information on low FODMAP. Fast forward to now and the low FODMAP diet has come […]

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Taking a break from serotonin

Taking A Break From Serotonin

By looking at the title you may be thinking, ‘Um, how is that even possible and why would you choose to do that anyway?’, well the quick answer is over the past 2 weeks I’ve been unable to get a hold of my Resolor (Prucalopride); If you don’t know what it is take a look […]

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Books for IBS

5 Books To Read If You Suffer With a Digestive Illness

I thought it would be a good idea to make a post about some of the best books I’ve read to help with IBS. I have a mixture of cookbooks and ideas related to gut health.

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Further Food

Go Further With Further Food | A Review

Living with an invisible illness can be tough going, especially when you feel like your the only one trudging through life. If your thinking of embarking on a food journey be sure to check out Further Food. They have lots of people who either have an invisible illness and can relate to what it feels like living […]

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Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

If any of you out there have ever doubted the benefits to eating healthy or whether food can cure you of long term illness, you may want to watch ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’. The first reason I started this website was to prove to people that what we put in your bodies, determines how it […]

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The Everything Guide to the Low FODMAP Diet

The Everything Guide To The Low FODMAP Diet | Cookbook Review and Q&A With Dr Barbara Bolen

This post is for all who suffer with digestive discomfort out there who are looking to follow the Low FODMAP diet (LFD). As a health coach I’ve spoken to many IBS sufferers who have been concerned about what they can or can’t eat, whether meals are easy to cook, that the whole family will enjoy or they have just completely given up on […]

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