Celebrities With IBS

Celebrities With IBS

I know some of us love a bit of celebrity juice to go with our morning cup of coffee. We see these celebrities as being slightly more super human than ourselves with all the glitz, glamour and make-up, but all-in-all they the same as us and as my mum always used to say “there s**t still stinks.”…thanks mum. In this case that phrase it a little closer to home than I thought.

I have researched celebrities with digestive illnesses that most of us on here can relate to and sometimes to see a face that is familiar, going through the same trials and tribulations as us, can bring some comfort and hope. So sit down with a coffee (or herb tea) and read away. Enjoy!

1. Cybill Shepard


Cybill Shepherd

I have decided to start with Cybill Shepard, because not only is she amazingly funny and down to earth, i’ll admit she’s a little before my time but mum would go nuts for and I remember watching moonlighting with her at home. Cybill does a lot of awareness work with regards to IBS with chronic constipation. She is a spokeswomen for the US campaign ‘Amazing Women’ which encourages women to speak out about constipation.


“I struggled with recurring constipation, abdominal pain and bloating for more than 20 years because I didn’t talk openly to my doctor about all of my symptoms,” says Shepherd. “I tried nearly everything, including fiber supplements and over-the-counter laxatives, but none of these helped relieve all of my symptoms. Sometimes I was not able to enjoy my free time, including the activities I did with my kids.”

“I tell women to talk to everyone — your family and friends and mothers and sisters and especially your doctor, even if it is embarrassing,” Shepherd says. “I was misdiagnosed for 20 years. My doctor told me it was nothing. It was psychological, all in my head. There’s nothing to make you go crazy like being told that pain is all in your head The bloating was so bad that sometimes a costume wouldn’t fit from day to day and I would just have to leave it unzipped in back.”

Thanks Cybill, for all gals like me and millions of others who suffer with chronic constipation.


2. Tyra Banks

tyra-banksYou may be wondering how can a supermodel have IBS? And to look at Tyra Banks you would be saying “where’s all the bloating?”. She stated in an interview that she suffered from anxiety which triggers her IBS. She also announced on her ‘Bank’s Show’ interviewing Janet Jackson that she does indeed suffer with IBS “I feel like I can telegraph my farts. If it is going to be funky, I’ll let it out and I’ll be like ‘Dang! Who did that?”. Lol, well done Tyra, for making us see the lighter side of IBS! (Watch the clip here)






3.  Jenny McCarthy

Now I’m not from the USA and I don’t really pay any attention to Playboy Playmates, but if they are using their fame and stardom to promote j_mcand make aware the importance of digestive health I’m pro them! So next on my list is Jenny McCarthy. She has written an autobiography and in it she has dedicated a whole chapter to her struggles with IBS and anxiety.  If you want to read more about her and her IBS tales get her book here Jen-X: Jenny McCarthy’s Open Book.




4. Kurt Cobain

Ok so Kurt Cobain is no longer with us, but I found some interesting juice on him and thought that it would be relevant for this post. During his Nirvana-Kurt-Cobaintime as a musician he wrote many memoirs of his struggles in his daily life and often spoke about his debilitating pain of trying to eat and keep it down and how the best pain killer was heroine. He had cerviture of the spine and that this was trapping a nerve linked to his digestive system and causing irritation. Doctors told him that he had IBS but was quoted as saying that “…thats what doctors tell you when they don’t know how to treat you…it’s all just a big scam…”. Poor Kurt, maybe if he was diagnosed correctly he would still be here with us today. Watch the interview where he talks about is stomach problems here.




5. Kirsten Dunst

Yup! You read correct the beauty from Spiderman and Marie Antoinette has IBS (I bet eating all those cakes in Marie Antoinette didn’t do her any Kirsten-Dunstfavors). All joking aside, she has made quite clear that she suffers with depression and IBS due to Hollywood’s treatment of young actresses. her depression has gotten so bad that she checked in to Cirque Lodge rehabilitation clinic. She was noted as saying that her IBS can be a direct connection to her depression and anxiety.





Well, I think that just goes to show that even celebrities are not even immune from the mind of a wayward GI tract! So the next time you turn on the TV and watching your favourite actor/actress, have comfort in knowing that we all have one thing in common and that it’s life is the same for all of us we never get it easy all the time.


Did I miss any celebs with digestive problems? Post a comment below :)

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