Lactose Free 101

Lactose Free 101

gotmilkSuffering with lactose intolerance can be uncomfortable and confusing. Not only do you have to deal with the bloating and stomach discomfort but walking down the milk aisle at your local supermarket can be a dreaded experience, I mean, there are so many milk alternative how do you know which one will be best for you?S

Lactose Free Cow’s Milk

People get bloating a diarrhoea from cow’s milk because they are unable to break down ‘Lactose’ a sugar found in cow’s milk. By looking at the label of a ‘Lactose Free Milk!‘ you would think, ah! cow’s milk without the lactose…PERFECT! Well yes and no. The truth is it isn’t really lactose free. The manufactures actually add an enzyme “Lactase” (an enzyme which most lactose suffers are deficient in) and add it to the milk, resulting in easily digestible milk.

Goats Milk

Goat’s milk contains about 10% less lactose than cow’s and some lactose intolerant suffers can live of it with no problem, but then there are some who can’t. So, its worth a try.

Soy Milk

This is the most obvious choice for people who are lactose intolerant or Vegan. The texture is mostly the same as milk and is high in protein and can work well in your coffee. However beware of added sugars. Manufactures try to add flavours to mask the nut taste of the soy bean. Oh and also remember to shake well as it tends to get thick and lumpy towards the bottom.

Rice Milk

This is usually my weapon of choice for my breakfast. I find it works well in my porridge in the morning and in smoothies. The texture is quite watery but the taste is quite milky Beware that some companies add oil to make it thicker and it can lack some important nutrients. Also not so good in the coffee, but it is low in fat.

Almond Milk

Another great choice for us lactose intolerant folk. It is yummy with a smooth and nutty taste but it does tend to be rather watery. Again watch out for the sugars as some manufactures like to add sugar otherwise this can be a great low fat option. This one does OK in hot beverages but if your looking for thick and creamy then…no.

Oat Milk

Healthy on the heart and is great paired fab with porridge too (sorry i’m a bit nut’s about porridge at the moment). With regards to other health benefits it can control your appetite, gets you gut moving and lowers cholesterol. However it can be quite high in sugars and not so good if your gluten intolerant too.

Coconut Milk

Ah, how I love coconut milk, I use it in pretty much most of my cooking at home as it is an healthy alternative to cream and contains good saturated fat (which yes your body needs) just be carful on how much you consume. The texture is super thick and creamy and the taste is rich, nutty and slightly sweet. However if you don’t like coconut, this won’t be for you, as for me I’m nuts about coconuts…sorry.

Points to consider

  • Make sure your getting enough calcium
  • Watch out for sugars
  • Beware of fats content

Lactose Free Milk Guide

I have made a lactose free milk guide for those of you who are confused by the huge array of choice on hand at the supermarket. Click to download.


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