Resolor & The Menstrual Cycle

Resolor & The Menstrual Cycle

Well I’ve been on Resolor (prucalopride) of about 3 months now and most of the month it works great combined with my low FODMAP diet, however I find it slows down a little bit in the lead up to my period.

On a regular day taking Resolor I can usually have a bowel movement everyday (I know; WOW), in the week leading up to my menstrutaion it can be 4-5 days.

Remember serotonin is a hormone and oestrogen and progesterone fluctuate around the time of your period. Although if your progesterone levels are too low this will reduce your serotonin levels along with it, causing slower bowel function, resulting in constipation, cravings or many other PMS symptoms.

What to do?

  • I usually increase my exercise regime and make my workouts more intensive and for longer duration, to produce more serotonin
  • Take a vitamin B supplement to increase the serotonin levels
  • Eat food high in L-tryptophan an amino acid, such as; Turkey, pumpkin seeds, tofu and much more. Click here for more

If you guys have had a similar experience please let me know and what do you do to help with your symptoms.

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