Alcohol On a Low FODMAP Diet

Alcohol On a Low FODMAP Diet

I will start by saying that I have no problem cutting back on alcohol if it means my stomach is happy, but I do miss the occasional glass of wine after a long days work or an ice cold Gin & Tonic at Sunday BBQ. I know that while on a low FODMAP diet you can have a drink or too it can sometime be a complete mission trying to find a drink you like and your bowels are happy with.


I love red wine especially Merlot and I was super chuffed when Monash University approved red wine for a FODMAP diet.

White wine on the other hand has also been okayed but just don’t choose dessert wine as it is high in Fructose.


Spirits are generally OK other than rum as it is high in fructose. The difficulty I found when drinking spirits on a low FODMAP diet is what to mix it with. Just be careful with the juice you mix it with or the soda, to much sugar can trigger your IBS. Take a look at some of my recipes for drink ideas at home.

Tonic Water has 0 calories & Sugar…is a Myth

I used to always have a Gin & Tonic after work on a Monday with some friends, and when I first started I thought what’s wrong with a Gin and Tonic…well for starters the tonic. I always thought that tonic water was low in sugar and a healthy drink option, but I was quite wrong. Tonic water contain the same amount of sugar as a coke or any other sugary soda drink for that matter weighing in at 32g that almost the recommended daily allowance for men (36g RDA and women 26g RDA) in a single 12 fl oz can. This is not good if you suffer from SIBO also as sugar feeds the bacteria.

However Diet Tonic water by Schwepps is a much healthier option it contains 0g of sugar and no preservatives or additives so grab the diet option.


Most beers are fine as most of the gluten is removed during the filtering process. Just be careful of some of the craft beers as they can contain fructose.┬áThe general rule is the more refined the beer is the lower the fructose content, beers that are unrefined (they look cloudy) are higher in Fructose. I found a really good article here on ‘Beer in the Fructose Malabsorption Diet’

All in all just watch your consumption of both alcohol and sugar, especially if you have reoccurring SIBO. Remember have fun but take care of your tummy at the same time.



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