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Flying With IBS | What’s In my Carry-on?

New Years is just around the corner and I know some of you will be off to celebrate NYE around the globe. I love traveling but I don’t love the IBS attacks that come with it. Flying is the worst time for me. Most of the food I can’t eat, the air pressure gets to me and due to the amount of water I drink everyday I can never get enough as they always hand out tiny bottles in flight. I remember when I flew from London to Bangkok and had such a bad IBS attack that the flight attendant allowed me to lie down in the crew quarters. Now I always travel prepared and this is what is always in my carry-on for every long haul journey I take.

TravelcarryonPeppermint Supplement – I always take one before I get on the flight, it just helps to settle my stomach and prevents bloating, then I’ll take maybe another 4 hours later.

Water – I know you can’t take liquids through security so I always stock up in duty free and if I can usually buy 2-3 1 litre bottles. Then I always know I’m stocked up for the reminder of the flight.

Tea – Pukka Dextox tea is my saviour it contains aniseed, coriander, cardamon liquorice and fennel, perfect for an inflamed tummy.

Snacks high in fiber – I try to eat little and often and if all else fails and I can’t eat anything on flight my high fibre snacks high in fibre will keep me full for longer. I usually throw a couple of packets of pumpkin seeds, or rice crackers.

Siang Pure Balm – This stuff is awesome and when I first arrived in Thailand everyone would just randomly sniff a pot or a stick of some sort; I was like “What is this stuff people keep smelling?” and my friend replied “What! You don’t know, it’s a balm for everything, how have you got this far in life without it?”. Yes that’s right for everything, it must be Eastern thing! If you feel sick, dizzy or have a headache just smell it, if you have a mosquito bite rub it on the bitten area. However I rub it on my tummy where it’s sore and bloated and in about 40 min I feel better. I’m pretty sure you can only get a hold of it in Thailand but you can buy it online at Buy Tiger Balm.

So, there you have it, a little planning can go a long way, and keeps those horrible IBS attacks at bay and if you are traveling for Christmas have a safe journey and Happy Holidays!


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