A Balancing Act :: The day in the life of an IBS sufferer

A Balancing Act :: The day in the life of an IBS sufferer

Happiness, love and health are the 3 main ingredients to a fulfilling life. When one is out of balance the other 2 will soon follow. As with any chronic illness trying to manage these 3 aspects of life can be challenging. When things aren’t going right or you put so much effort into keeping the balance going one sudden drawback can ruin everything, not to mention your motivation.

As life long sufferer of chronic constipation due to colonic inertia and IBS on top, fine can sometimes feel like a daily struggle.

Now, I consider myself a pretty healthy person, I do high intensity cardio exercises for 30 minuets 5 days a week, I never skip a meal, I never miss my medication (Resolor), I eat tons of green veg and fruits I’m allowed to eat on my low FODMAP diet and I don’t smoke or drink. So all in all I’m quite fit in my opinion. However, the days I feel IBS free and my digestion is working well are few and far between. I won’t lie, when I have a good day I use it to my full advantage and I’m on cloud 9. But when I wake up in the morning and I feel groggy, low energy, bloated in the stomach, my mood and goes out the window. I usually don’t want to be touched because I feel uncomfortable and I mostly just keep quiet for that day, which affects my boyfriend (which I hate).

Most people shrug or give a patronising “aww..poor you” When you tell them you have IBS, but I don’t blame them, IBS is known for being one of those terms that’s thrown at everything these days. Some people have it their whole life’s, while some have it for a short time; Some have mild cases and some have severe cases.

I want to share with you my daily routine for living with IBS and how I manage it on a daily basis. There are times that I’ll slip up if I have a meeting in a restaurant and I eat something that has an ingredient that triggers my IBS, if I usually stick to this routine all seems to go smoothly.

My Daily Routine

8am I wake up slowly (not jumping out of bed)

8:30am I get out of bed and take my Resolor with a pint on water

9am I cook my breakfast such as Mixed Berry Porridge, Morning Egg Free Pancakes or Gluten Free Cereal.

9:15am I will have a cup of English Breakfast tea or Ginger tea and take an Omega 3 Supplement

9:30am I check my email and plan my day

10am I do a high intensity workout for 30min to 1 hour. This usually helps my stomach to move. Check out the girls over at XHIT their workouts are tough!

10:30am I get ready to go to work.

12pm I’m at work and I have a mid morning snack of pumpkin seeds and a cup of coffee.

2pm I have a small lunch such as salad, omelet or fried veg from the night before. I always take a packed lunch and I then know that I won’t have any surprise IBS attacks. I don’t snack on chocolate, but I may have a piece of fruit.

4pm I will usually have a green tea or vanilla tea to keep me going.

6pm I have dinner and usually cook, as it’s safer and I know what goes in the dish. Again I don’t really snack, but if I get a sweet tooth in the evening I have a square of 70% Dark chocolate.

8pm I will take my Fybogel while watching TV, (I only take this every other day) and then drink lots of water thereafter.

11pm I go to bed.

So, that’s a typical day for me, BUT please remember I drink at least 2 1/2 litters of water per day which I find helps my IBS and bloating. I hope this has helped some of you please let me know what you do to stay on top of things!

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A Balancing Act :: The day in the life of an IBS sufferer


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