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Are Health Foods Really Healthy?

If you read my previous post Stop Eating Fake Food! you would already know that a lot of the food we eat today is an imitation product of what food should be consuming. Today I’m going to dig a little deeper and really see whether “health” food really is healthy.

diet Coke Taylor SwiftEverywhere you go these day, all you hear about is healthy this, healthy that; don’t eat this, eat that and round and round we go. As consumers we’re pretty gullible, if it’s in the media we want it or if our favourite celebrity endorses something we believe them, I mean, come on… why would Taylor Swift promote something that potentially kills me…right?

Sugar Sugar Everywhere

For me I’veI chosen I a life of living sugar free. If I do fancy something sugary I opt for a piece of fruit, a more natural source of energy to kill my sugary craving. However living this life of sugar free goodness is not always easy, I have learnt that even the most organically, beautifully packaged health foods aren’t to be trusted. Let’s start with Breakfast. If your looking for a healthier alternative to your crunchy nut Cornflakes, most of us would go for Muesli, why? It tastes like cardboard but through conditioning we have learnt that anything good for us ‘must’ taste like rabbit food, however this is false, it’s only because we’re so used to eating foods loaded with sugar that anything but, just tastes dull.

Below I have outlined the nutritional values of the most widely eaten cereals I not necessarily the calories that you have to worry about but the sugar content.

Nutritional Values

Always look out for the added sugar in pre packaged food. The less ‘unknown’ ingredients the better it is for your health.

Banana Chips

Another unhealthy “health” food are banana chips. These little crisps of tasty goodness are not so good for you, they are usually coated in sugar and cooked in hydrogenated fats. Banana chips cooked in coconut oil and unsweetened are much healthier, however it’s still just better to just eat a ripe banana.

‘On-the-go’ Bars

These are loaded with sugar, preservative ingredients and high quantities of salt. I know I sound like a broken recored but just a piece of fruit will always do the trick!


Energy Drinksenergy

First of all, what is up with the colours of most of these energy drinks, bright blues, luminous greens, vibrant reds, nothing natural are in these, which means they are purely chemical based. In other words they are targeted to a younger demographic audience. While they promote high caffeine contents they actually contain less caffeine that a coffee from Starbucks, instead they are loaded (again) with sugar, which can cause serious short and long term side effects such as:

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • insomnia
  • Forced heart contractions
  • Jitters & nervousness
  • Behavior change
  • Headaches & migraines

If you want to high energy for prolonged periods of time try pairing:

  1. 1 banana
  2. 1 tbsp organic peanut butter
  3. 1 cup of milk alternative or (milk)

blend it into a smoothie


Coffee is actually very good for you, it can aid in weight loss, promote mental clarity and physical performance but many of us don’t pay attention to the amount of sugar there is in a latte or cappuccino. Even if you don’t add sugar, milk contains lactose a type of sugar, and if you have read my post on ‘Sugar Vs Fat’ you will know that sugar contributes to weight gain more than fat. In one cup of whole fat milk there is 12g of sugar that’s almost half of your RDA (men, 36g / women, 24g). Even semi skimmed milk contains more sugar at 13g. If you want to make it a healthier Cup-O-Joe drink it black, or use a non-dairy alternative such as almond milk or rice milk, but watch out for added sugars and thickening agents. I always drink Bullet Proof Coffee pre-morning workout to set me up for the day!

Wanna Learn How To Make a Salad Bad For You, Just Add Dressing

I went for lunch with my friend the other day and here is the conversation:

Her: “I’m on a diet, I think I’ll have a salad… I go for the Caesar salad and just pick out the croutons, I can’t be doin’ wit ‘dem carbs!”

Me, in thought to myself: (do I tell her that it’s not the croutons she has to be worried about, or let her be? I don’t want to be a no-it-all! No! If it were me I would want to know if I was making the right choice!) “It’s not the croutons that you have to worry about, it’s the dressing”

Friend: “Oh, why!”

Me: ” A caesar salad dressing can contain up to 150 unnecessary calories, not to mention the salt, which help the body hold water, in turn creating water weight. Your better off just asking for a some red wine vinegar”

I often have clients who tell me I eat so many salads and I’m not dropping the pounds. There’s no science to losing weight, it just depends on what you put in. In our day and age salads are know to be a diet health dish, which they are…just minus the high calorie dressing. I usually opt for a lemon wedge to drizzle over my salads, to just give it a kick and not make it boring.


Nut ButtersPeanut Butter

I love peanut butter and I like to think it love me back, but not the overly refined nut butters that contain hydrogenated fats and added salt and sugars! Nut butters are super healthy for you as they contain good fats that the body needs, just make sure your making the right choice! always look for just 2 ingredients : nuts and a little salt, thats it!


Always remember calories don’t count for everything, some healthier foods my be higher in calories but it’s how your body uses them that is important. So the next time your out shopping, be sure to check the label before adding it to your basket.



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