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My Gut’s ‘Reverse’ Culture Shock


Howdy everyone! I know it’s been a while since I posted anything here, but you’ll be glad to know I have lots of new and interesting tips, delicious recipes and Balanced Grub projects in the pipeline.

So why the long silence? Well, I’ve officially relocated back to my home-land (wow, that’s an oxymoron) of sunny old England, and I have to say I’m pretty content with being back. It’s good to see the family regularly and with future plans of me and Fiance planning to buy our first house together, life’s changing and it’s exciting.

So, aside from all the excitement and adapting back into the way of ‘British’ life, my gut has experienced a little ‘reverse’ culture shock.

I’ve been back in the UK now for 1 month, in that time I’ve managed to find a job, buy a new car to get me to ‘said’ job and find my way around the self-checkout counters at most supermarkets (by far the most stressful/challenging encounter to date). What with my routine being turned on its head I’ve found it a difficult to get my daily workouts in, which I consider a vital part in gut health. I have also found most food in the UK to overly starchy, salty and hidden among ingredients are sneaky sugars (the ingredients you often can’t pronounce), so yes, I’m now the lady you see reading the backs of everything in the supermarket; better to be safe than sorry in my book.

However, as the weeks fly on I’m learning about new foods I can and can’t eat. When living in Thailand I adopted the rule of nothing with a logo, just raw unrefined produce only (OK, things like chopped tinned tomatoes I would by, but I’d still check the ingredients for ‘E’ numbers or added sugars). The UK definitely loves a fad diet to latch on to. Two of which are the ‘Paleo’ diet (which out of all the diets, is the one I seem to agree with the most as it closely mimics how humans were designed to eat…graze on seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and occasionally eat meat and few refined carbs.  The second diet being juicing; urm…nope, nope and nope! (post on this coming soon). So due to the ‘some’ Brits being a little more concerned with what they eat, there is more of a selection of foods for me to choose from, such as gluten free pasta, garlic free pesto and non-dairy yoghurts etc.

With that all said, my gut has been on a bit of a rollercoaster. Some days it’s good, some bad in terms of my IBS discomfort and right now I’m currently fighting a bout of SIBO, which I’m hoping to get under control, without the help of antibiotics (if you want to know more about how I do that read my post Preventing SIBO From Reoccurring).  With moving comes stress, with stress, comes unbalanced hormones and with unbalanced hormones comes poor digestion, another reason why ‘us’ women suffer more with digestive issues than men…we have more of them to manage.

Coming into week 5 and I’m starting to get back into my natural rhythm of life. So, long time no see UK, let do this!



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