Low FODMAP Onigiri rice ball

Japanese Tuna & Lemongrass Onigiri (Rice Ball)

Hello again everyone! I t seems like this weeks FODMAP Free Friday has made it’s way to Sunday, due to my overly hectic life. Although I figured it would better to post this recipe today rather than not post anything at all.

If you were to look inside a Japanese lunchbox (or should I say Bento Box) you would not find a sandwich, but instead Onigiri. You may be thinking, what’s that when it’s in the kitchen? Well…take a sandwich filling (any you like) and put in a bed of rice and then wrap it in seaweed (well the seaweed is optional). These are the most delicious and cutest (come on it wouldn’t be Japanese if it wasn’t cute) lunchtime snack ever. You can be as creative as you want and the good news is they are made from clean carbohydrates (rice). Bread on the other-hand has a lot more additives which can trigger allergies and IBS symptoms.

They are super easy to make. Below I have provided you with a video of how to mould Onigiri with your hands, courtesy of the super Kawaii lady at ‘OCHIKERON’. However if that’s too much of a challenge, I have provided a link below to  Amazon, where you can buy Onigiri moulds, which will save your hands from getting a little sticky.

So, the next time you want to wow and intrigue your work colleagues, take these yummy balls of rice to work and get the trend rolling.

Great For

  • IBS
  • Gluten Free
  • Extremely high levels of vitamin C (chili)
  • gut spams/cramping (lemongrass)
  • An alternative to a sandwich
  • Energy
  • Blood purification (seaweed)
  • High in Calcium (seaweed)
  • Weight loss

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