Purple Japanese Ramen

Purple Japanese Ramen

I can’t express enough who much I love ramen. If I had to have my last meal on earth I would hope it’s ramen.

Living in Asia I’m very lucky to have tasted some of the best ramen in Bangkok, owned by long standing ramen chefs from Japan. In Japan ramen is almost an art form. Chefs train for many years to perfect this nutritious noodle soup and pride themselves on their masterpieces.

The reason I love this dish is because it is highly versatile, it’s great for winter or summer, it’s packed with nutrients, great for people with sensitive stomaches such as colonic inertia, also vegans, people with high intolerances to certain foods, or if you have a major cold, this will do the trick for comfort.

This recipes is more or less my interpretation of ramen and I have to say it’s blooming tasty.

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