How Bad is Sugar?

How Bad is Sugar?


You remember when you were a kid and your mum used to say “No more sugar, it will rot your teeth!”, well she weren’t lying. If sugar has the potential to rot enamel, just imagine what it can to your insides, yikes!

Now, don’t get me wrong I have a pretty sweet tooth at times and when that time comes I usually reach for the gummy bears, (Homer Simpson drool) but like all things we must learn to eat them in moderation, especially high sugar foods.

Is There a Good Sugar?

There are 3 main types of sugars; sucrose, glucose and fructose, all of which are carbohydrates (energy). Sucrose is what we consider to be table sugar, soda and sweets, made up of both glucose and fructose (the building blocks), glucose in is what you body brakes down and uses for energy and fructose is found predominantly in fruits and vegetables. Now, you may be thinking “OK, so fructose is the healthy option!”, well, not always. Remember sugar is sugar and even though eating more fruits and vegetables is healthy (and they are very healthy) you still need to watch all your sugar intake.

Why So Bad?

Refined sugar, known as milk chocolate, sweets, soda, cakes etc. are very bad for you, full stop. Picture this, your at work and you have one of your afternoon slumps, most of us reach for a quick fix such as soda, chocolate or a packet of crisps, and Vola! we are alive again (know as a sugar rush). So why does this happen? When energy is broken down into our bodies it gets turned into glucose which raises our blood sugar levels, in turn releasing the hormone insulin. Think of insulin like FedEx. It transports glucose from the blood to the cells in our body so we can use it for energy.

Tmojo_jojohe body was never designed to deal with refined sugar, when we eat it, it’s processed too fast into the blood stream (sugar rush). This is a lot of stress for our bodies to handle, it can cause headaches, fatigue and short energy bursts. After the rush you will have the crash, this is your body telling you
(in an evil Mojo iojo voice) “Give me more sugar!”. Your body will deal with this in the same way as being poisoned by rescuing itself, using its supply of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to put your body back into a balanced state, resulting in a lack of nutrients in the body. All of this can lead to an insulin resistance result in type 2 Diabetes.

But I Have a Sweet Tooth, What Can I Do?

First stop eating refined sugars when your in need of a quick fix for energy. They’re NOT good for you in any size or shape. Instead have fruit or nuts to help fill your craving. Green tea or Ginger tea is also a great for when your craving something sweet. To help you curb you and your families sweet tooth download the list of food good and bad for energy.

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