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Unhealthy health food

Are Health Foods Really Healthy?

If you read my previous post Stop Eating Fake Food! you would already know that a lot of the food we eat today is an imitation product of what food should be consuming. Today I’m going to dig a little deeper and really see whether “health” food really is healthy. Everywhere you go these day, all you hear about […]

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Say no to sugar

The ‘Sugar Free’ Craze | Debunked

When it comes to diet & well-being I hate to see the word “trend” or “Fad” linked to food, eating is a way of life and knowing what works for you is half the battle to feeling awesome! Last week I was in the UK and I was shocked at how much of day time […]

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How to live like a human

Back to Basics | How to Live Like a Human

After spending the majority of my current life studying academic nutrition books and journals, magazines, YouTube Channels and other health and wellbeing sites, I think I have a pretty good understanding of how the body works and what it needs to function daily. However, today, while browsing the internet of some of my favourite sites; not […]

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Tailoring Your Low FODMAP Diet

I’m a strong believer that everyone requires different levels of nutrients or foods and to a point, some even need to eliminate specific food groups in order to function properly. I don’t trust that their is one diet that fits all, that sounds impossible to me. We weren’t made from cookie cuters and neither should our diets. […]

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Sugar Vs Fat

Sugar Vs Fat | What Contributes to Weight Gain More?

So the question today is “What contributes to weight gain more? Sugar or Fat?”. Recently I’ve wrote a lot on fats and the effect it has on the digestive system and why it plays a major role in gut function but today I want to look at the effects it has on weight gain and […]

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Fats and constipation

How Fats Can Help Prevent Constipation

The Stigma That Is Fat… Straight off the bat, I want to make it clear that a high fat diet does not mean A: weight gain B: Unhealthy. There is so much stigma to ‘fat’ in the food we eat (we can give thanks to the early 90’s for the low fat diet that emerged…thanks […]

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