What's In My Pantry: Top 10 Foods to Always Have Stocked

What’s In My Pantry: Top 10 Foods to Always Have Stocked

Living on a low FODMAP diet can be challenging and when it comes to looking for a quick lunch or dinner, it usually goes a little some think like this:

Me: OK, I’m hungry, let’s see what we’ve got in the fridge”


Me: (looking in the fridge) “nope…nope…nope. Well, can’t eat any of that.”

Me: Hokey…cupboard your my friend what do you have for me…”


Me: “oh look, 1 lonely dry delicious Corn cracker… thanks bro, but I think I’d rather go without.”

Oh, the sweet anticipation of searching the kitchen for ‘gold’ yet all you find is dust. BUT! I’m here to save you from future sorrow and despair. Here are my top 10 Kitchen Staples to get you out of any hunger crisis on a low FODMAP diet.

Top 10 Pantry Must Haves For A Low FODMAP Diet

  1. Rice noodles (they can pretty much survive a Zombie apocalypse and are super easy to cook)
  2. Soy Sauce – You can add this to pretty much any dish and you would be good to go
  3. Eggs – Omelette to the rescue!
  4. Chopped tinned tomato – You can always whip up a veggie ratatouille, Bolognese or even a tomato soup
  5. Spice rack – These are my little super heroes, add flavour and spice to absolutely anything
  6. Coconut milk/cream – Substitute for milk in cooking… but watch the fat content
  7. Dark chocolate – Something sweet to flop in front of a movie night
  8. Maple Syrup – Sugar substitute that you can add to salad dressings, drinks and more, but be careful if you have SIBO
  9. Instant oats – I love my porridge in the morning, they keep me full till lunch time with out snacking
  10. White wine vinegar – Easy to throw on a salad or even glaze a pork chop

What do you always keep stocked in your kitchen for emergencies, leave a comment.

Happy Cooking :)

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