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The ‘Sugar Free’ Craze | Debunked

When it comes to diet & well-being I hate to see the word “trend” or “Fad” linked to food, eating is a way of life and knowing what works for you is half the battle to feeling awesome!

Last week I was in the UK and I was shocked at how much of day time TV promoted ‘sugar free’ living. From celebrity chefs to TV advertisements, all were claiming ‘sugar free’ is where you want to be (and I agree with them). But are they promoting the fad or are they really trying to educate people on what sugar is and how it can hinder their health?

One example was when I was watching a day time TV show and up popped their recipe of the day (demonstrated by a somewhat handsome guy), for ‘sugar free brownies’; in his defense, he did claim that they were “almost sin free!” however the 2 key ingredients of the recipe were:

200g of dates =564cal 63g of which are Sugars & 1 “very” ripe banana = 105cal of which are 15g of sugar, this results in 10g of sugar. Now, I wouldn’t consider this excessive and as a treat goes, yeah it’s healthier than a Mars Bar, but please don’t abuse the term ‘sugar free’.

I fear the term ‘sugar free’ is so misleading that people who think they are eliminating sugar from their diets really aren’t and as a consequence they aren’t seeing the results they had been hoping for, hence another diet trend goes out the window and we move on to the next food fad.

The only real way people are going to see the results they want, whether that be weight loss, a happier digestive system or an improved mood, is to learn how their body uses food. Answers to simple questions such as why are fats vital for your health? Which sugars should I avoid totally? And which are OK in small quantities? Unsurprisingly none of these questions are really ever answered in schools or on TV, yet they should be general knowledge.

I gave up sugar 3 years ago and I even watch how my fruit I eat; if my body don’t need it, I don’t eat it! Most of my friends and family consider me to be mad, but then there are those who praise my will power against sugar. I find my pleasures in other areas of my life, such as drawing, traveling playing with my dogs and enjoying a glass of wine now and then. I think that in this day and age our relationship with food has turned destructive, more now than ever people are suffering with diabetes, obesity, depression, heart disease and cancer. I’m not saying this is all related to the food we eat or how much sugar we consume, but a large part of it is caused by what we put on the dining room table.

So maybe, rather than introducing an insisting sugar free brownie a better idea in helping Britain’s nation would be to suggest deliciously satisfying snack options that don’t require sugar as the starring ingredient.





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