laxatives are one of the most highly abused over the counter medications in both the US and the UK, it generates billions of dollars annually. It is estimated that approximately 4 billion laxatives are taken annually in the US alone. However they are a temporary solution to a common symptom of a greater cause and in fact can help contribute to ongoing constipation.

The best of us suffer with constipation at some point in our lives, it’s part of human nature and also part of eating food, or in some cases lack there of. The body has a natural rhythm and it’s pretty good at doing it’s job most of the time, but when constipation occurs, it’s your bodies way of trying to tell you something is up.

In most cases constipation is related to either diet or life style. However in some cases such as chronic constipation it can be due to many other factors see Chronic Constipation

There are many types of laxatives that work in many different ways, (see chart below), but always remember they are a temporary me sure and sometimes a little change in diet and exercise could be what your body’s crying out for.

Laxative Types

**If you are pregnant or have any other medical illnesses, always consult your doctor taking any laxatives as they can be harmful.


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